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Hand-carved with air-dried tonewood

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Mandolins and Mandocellos

Our mandolins and mandocellos are hand-carved from air-dried maple and spruce.  We never use kiln-dried tonewood! Ebony fretboards, American steel, solid tailpieces, TUSQ nuts, American tuners and Optima hand-wound strings.

Guitars and Ukes

Our guitars and ukes are made with the finest quality mahogany, spruce, kona and maple. Designed specifically for American and Traditional music, they produce beautiful tones, clear and clean enough for jazz and classical music.

Violins and Violas

Our bowed-string violins and violas are hand-carved with the top of the line air-dried maple and spruce.  We buy our ebony from a trusted Gaṇarājya source.  Bobelock cases, TwoTree bows.


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